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Welcome to West Morris Soccer Club

The mission of the West Morris Soccer Club is to advance the development of local youth through active participation in the sport of soccer. We endeavor to provide an array of soccer programs ranging from introductory play to highly competitive teams. We believe that appropriately scaled competition fosters growth physically, mentally and socially.

West Morris Soccer Club actively supports a culture of sportsmanship, integrity and teamwork. The Club also believes that youth involvement in athletics is an important means of character development. We endorse participation at all levels, believing that positive parental and coach involvement develops lifelong participation in athletics. Our volunteers strive to both maintain and develop the Club’s role as a pillar and ambassador of the local community.

WMSC's Firehouse Soccer Courts

It is with great pride and excitement that West Morris Soccer Club can officially announce the opening of the "Firehouse Soccer Courts" in Mendham Borough!

Recognizing the need to have a facility in our communities where our kids can freely play soccer, including after sunset, we have teamed up with the Borough of Mendham and funded the turfing of 2 lighted former tennis courts by the Fire and First Aid Station. If you haven't been able to see the Firehouse Soccer Courts yet, click the image below for a sneak preview!  


This was a project long in the making and with a goal of achieving 3 objectives:

  1. To give back to the community: The facility is a gift to Mendham Borough and the members of West Morris Soccer Club. We were able to complete the project this past weekend, and already we have seen it put to good use by a group of college-aged kids and at the Borough Camp today. This is exactly what we had hoped for when initiating the project!
  2. To encourage a "pick-up soccer" culture here in Mendham: The Firehouse Soccer Courts are open to the public and we encourage players of all ages to just turn up and play unsupervised, pick-up "street soccer", in much the same way as the nearby basketball courts are used. Because of the limited overall size of the space (approx. 120x100 feet), we have lined 2 "futsal" courts, with official size goals, that typically accommodate 5v5 competition, but creativity to try other formats is encouraged. In recent years we have expanded the levels of soccer programs that we offer to our kids, all under high quality professional trainers, and many of our teams have enjoyed great success, but we would also like our players to develop in a less structured format that is seen in towns with a strong soccer culture in our state and all over the world. This is a small, but significant step in that direction.
  3. To allow our teams more practice time: WMSC teams will be able to train at the Firehouse Soccer Courts when weather conditions and lack of daylight do not allow the use of our various grass fields in the Mendhams and Chesters, thereby reducing the need to book other indoor or outdoor turf facilities in nearby towns.

by posted 07/08/2019
Field Status
Black River Back - Chester TBD (8/20) 
Black River Front - Chester TBD (8/20) 
Black River Right - Chester TBD (8/20) 
Chubb Lower - Chester TBD (8/20) 
Chubb Upper - Chester TBD (8/20) 
Firehouse Soccer Courts - Mendham OPEN (8/20) 
India Brook - Mendham Township TBD (8/20) 
Ralston - Mendham TBD (8/20) 
West Field Middle - Mendham TBD (8/20) 
West Lower Back - Mendham TBD (8/20) 
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